Coronavirus also called COVID-19 now becomes a very dangerous disease in which 185 countries of the world are suffering in which Italy includes in the list of top 5 countries of the world that are most affected by COVID-19.

It affects almost every country of the world badly, the most affected country after Wuhan China that is Italy, which is now facing a very difficult situation due to COVID-19. There are more than 24,268 deaths in Italy due to this disease and more than 1,83,957 confirmed cases. The death rate in Italy is huge among all the countries.

Coronavirus in Italy

After China, COVID-19 entered Italy and many peoples lost their lives. Now there is a complete lockdown in the country, everything is closed except the hospitals. The peoples are not allowed to go anywhere, they stay at home and no one knows for how many long this disease affects Italy, for how many peoples have to lost their lives because of this disease. The other countries are afraid of seeing the situation of Italy.

The peoples in Italy are living in horrible situations, they don’t know who is the next target of COVID-19 and they will be able to see their beloved ones or not. Due to many deaths, there is a shortage of coffins and funerals for the dead peoples. The peoples who are dying due to COVID-19 are even not allowed to meet his families only for the last time, the peoples even don’t allow to see their beloved ones after death.

When we are hearing about these situations on news channels and on the internet, we become very afraid. We cannot imagine the grief of those peoples. There is no hope because there is no medicine available for this disease at present times and no one knows how many times this disease will stay and when the medicine for this is ready. 

Not only the coffins and funerals, but there is also a shortage of beds and ventilators in the hospitals. There is no place where the patient is treated and because of a shortage of medicines peoples don’t receive good treatment. But in these difficult situations, doctors never give up. They tried hard to save the lives of patients.

Many of the doctors infected due to the treatment of the patients, but they not give up and tries their best efforts. The mortality rate in Italy increases with every new day. Every day it makes the new death records and replaced the old ones.

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The main topic that is discussed in every country in only COVID-19. The disease is firstly started in Wuhan a city in China but now spread its roots in almost every country. The countries are facing very difficult situations. Our government is trying to control the situation.

That is why many the countries there was lockdown by the government, strict actions are taken towards the persons who are not following this lockdown, that is who don’t stay at homes. There is no option for us without this that stay home stay safe, and we only pray to God to bless us and solve this problem.