Coronavirus also called Covid-19 is first started in Wuhan, China, but now it is spread all over the world. 185 countries are affected by it. The virus is increasing with fast speed, and if it starts increasing it becomes impossible to control it. It causes many deaths at present times. The government of the country does everything to aware of the peoples about it, even though our mobile caller tune.

Top 5 most affected countries by Coronavirus

1. China:

The first case of coronavirus is seen in December 2019 in Wuhan, China. It becomes the first victim of coronavirus. The virus was started from the wet Sea Food markets of China. Then the rate of infected peoples increases at a fast speed. There are around 84,287  thousand cases of Coronavirus in China, and 4,642 peoples will lose their lives due to it. Now, the cases will decrease because of awareness in the peoples about it, and control measures were taken by the government of China. There is 3 months lockdown in China for decreasing the effect of Coronavirus.

2. Italy:

After China, coronavirus moved to Italy, here 1,87,327 peoples are infected from this and 24,648 deaths due to coronavirus. Italy becomes the first country where are the highest number of deaths due to this disease. It affects the country very badly, there is a shortage of beds in the hospitals because of a large number of peoples have to admit in the hospitals. These are those countries in which there re more tourism. When the peoples from the other countries come, these spread viruses and peoples of Italy get infected by it.

3. United States:

The world’s most powerful country in the USA is also suffering from this dangerous disease. There are around more than 8,43,186 cases confirmed in the USA, and around 47,139 peoples die. There is a shortage of beds and ventilators in hospitals. It is also very difficult for doctors to treat such a large number of patients. The medical facilities in the USA are the most advanced facilities in all over the world, but it is also do nothing in the case of Covid-19.

4. Spain:

In the last week of April, there is a blast of coronavirus cases in Spain. More than 2,08,389 peoples get infected from this. And 21,717 peoples died due to Covid-19. Princess Maria Teresa in Spain also dies due to this disease. Spain is a tourism place and that is why the peoples came from the other countries and the virus is entered in Spain and causes many deaths.

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5. Germany:

In Germany, there are 1,50,066 cases of Coronavirus and more than 5,250 deaths due to it. The death rate in Germany was not more, but the cases are increasing at a fast speed. It is also said that the finance minister of Germany Thomas Schafer committed suicide because of depressions from increasing the infected cases in Germany. Covid-19 effects the overall development of the country and the countries have to lockdown everything for saving the peoples from coronavirus.