What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus also called COVID-19 is a disease that is spreading very fast in the world. this disease is prevailing in 180 countries all over the world. Coronavirus is a very harmful disease that affects most of the countries. There is no medicine available for this disease, only prevention can save from this virus. If the people infected from this disease will meet a healthy person, then this virus can be easily transferred to that person. Many countries are suffering from this disease.

The first case of coronavirus is firstly found in China in December 2019, and now in almost every country, there are cases of coronavirus, which affects the economy of the country. Many persons are recovered from this disease, but the persons that are in the age of more than 50 and children that are under 15, and the persons who are suffering from a pre-disease, like cancer, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease get serious illness due to this virus.

Symptoms of Coronavirus:

These are the common symptoms of coronavirus that will help us to found that we are infected with coronavirus or not.

1. Throat Pain:

The very first common symptom of coronavirus is throat pain. In the first 4 days, a person has throat pain and then other symptoms develop.

2. Running Rose:

The next is the person who is infected from Coronavirus has running nose after throat pain. This is the second symptom from which we can find out that we are infected by coronavirus or not.

3. Cough:

The next is the person has a cough. Because the virus is entered into the body and attacks on our immunity system, that causes these problems.

4. High Temperature:

The person has a high degree of temperature. This temperature is not reduced by taking a common medicine of fever because it is a part of viral disease.

5. Difficulty in Breathing:

This is a different symptom of this disease, which is not developed in any normal disease. The virus is attacked on our lungs, and we feel difficulty in breathing. From this, we can find this virus and go to a check-up.

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Precautions from Coronavirus:

1. Wash your hands with soap and sanitizer:

The primary precaution from this disease is to wash your hands with water and soap. If you are going outside then you can use sanitizer. This kills the virus if it is on your hands before it entered the body.

2. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth:

Don’t touch your eyes, nose, and mouth, because if the virus in on your hands, it can easily enter into the body through eyes, nose, and mouth.

3. Use a cloth while sneezing and coughing:

Use your handkerchief while sneezing and coughing. you don’t have it, then you can also use your elbow while sneezing. It prevents you from the virus.

4. Avoid crowded areas:

Don’t get to any area, where there is a large number of peoples are gathered. Because you don’t know which person is already infected by a virus in the crowd. When you will come to contact that person, you will also infected.

5. Stay at home:

Stay at home if possible. This is the best prevention of this disease. If you stay at home you will safe yourself and definitely save your family.

6. Make a distance from the person who has flu-like symptoms:

If you find that any person has flu-like symptoms, then make a 6 feet distance from that person. If you are taking care of all these precautions then you will surely safe from this disease.