Time is a very valuable thing and is more than money and gold. Once we have lost it, we can’t get it back. Time teaches us many lessons in life. Everything is changed over time. Those we ignore the importance of time in life, will not get anything.

In our today’s article, we are learning about time management and what is its importance and why we need this.

What is Time Management?

Time Management is the ability the manage our important time in such a way that the right work is done at its right time. It refers to the process of how we can use the best of our time and do more and more work without ant burden.

In Time Management, we can do our important work on time and also saves time for further activities. Everyone should know how we manage our time more effectively so that we don’t regret that we waste our time. It is we can say an ability that every person does not know.

In time management, we include some things that help us in completing our work on time and before the deadlines of the work. These things are as under:

1. Divide the work:

Firstly for managing time, divide your work. Make a list of your work that what is more important should be completed first and then we do our less important works. It helps in completing all the work before its too late. Divide the work into two parts- more important and less important.

2. Try to do the work before its deadline:

There are some deadlines in which we have to complete the work. For example, a person is working in a company and his boss gives a presentation, and give two days for preparing it. Two days is the deadline for this work. Then in this, if we know time management we can easily do that without getting stress.

3.  Think Positive:

Think positive about work. Don’t take too much stress for the work. This makes you trouble. I only think that you can do this on time and stay motivated.

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Need for Time Management:

(i)  Time is a valuable thing:

The need for time management is because time is a very valuable thing. Once it went never come back. We realize its importance when we have no time in life. So, always remind about the importance of time, if you respect time then time will respect you.

(ii) Time is Limited:

We all very well know that we have limited time, but after this, we waste this in doing unnecessary works. Remember the importance of life, one moment that we waste never come back. The thing left is only we regret this.

(iii) For achieving success in life:

If you want to get success in life, always take care of your time. Never waste it. Every person who is successful in life is only because of two reasons, his hard work, and his time management.

(iv) Reduces Stress:

If everything is done at the time, it will reduce your stress. Pending works give a lot of stress, because of it we can’t get sleep and feel tired all day. When we are taking too much stress, then we feel sick. So to avoid this learn time management.

(v) We have some free time:

When we know time management, we manage things on time and we have also free time to do other activities. Like we play some games and do some entertaining works. We can go with our family for dinner and shopping.

Importance of Time Management:

There are a lot of benefits to time management. Some of these are discussed as follows:

1. It makes us punctual:

Time management makes us punctual. It becomes our habit. Punctual means we are doing everything on time. This habit always helps us whether we are studying and doing a job in an organization. Not everyone has the ability to become punctual, it’s only possible because of time management.

2. It helps in better planning:

Time management helps in better planning of work. In this, we learn how to plan for work and how to complete work on time. It reduces the burden on our minds. Planing includes different things like what to do when to do, where to do and by whom it is being done.

3. It makes you regular:

Time management makes us regular in everything. Becoming regular in life is a very good thing that makes you a better person. If you are doing a job, they will surely realize the importance of time management and regularity.

4. Increase work quality:

When we doing work in a hurry, the quality of work is very poor. Time management increases our work quality, we have sufficient time to do work and do it slowly and with devotion. Poor quality work is not liked by anyone, everyone wants the best work. If you are doing poor work, you may be not competing with others.

5. More Opportunities for achieving objectives:

Increase work quality

Through time management, we have more opportunities to do other work. Like we are doing a job, have some time after completing our work, then we can learn some extra things that improve our efficiency. We can improve our performance and do our best performance at work. Then we can get a higher position in the organization.

6. It helps to work smarter not harder:

Always work smarter not harder. Only smart persons become successful in today’s world. In time management, we learn the methods to work smartly and how to do more and more work in less time.


These are some of the benefits of time management. If we learn about time management then we can take advantage of these benefits. It helps in our development and reduces the stress level. Stress invites many diseases and mental illnesses. Failing to manage the work gives you a lot of problems, and reduce effectiveness. Always remember we have limited time and in this limited time we have unlimited to do.