Top 10 Beauty Products list 2020 – Beauty is like a best friend of a girl, which every girl wants. She wants to look more beautiful than the other girls. The first thing that we observe in a person is his or her outer beauty. A beautiful person is liked by everyone. There are so many products are available in the market, which gives surety to enhance your beauty. But they have so many side effects on your skin.

Even some beauty products invite skin diseases. Always be careful before using any product, and read precautions and ingredients used to make that product.

Here we are discussing some top-level beauty products, that give a natural glow to your beauty and are highly useful.

Top 10 Beauty Products list 2020

1. M.A.C. Pro Longed Wear Foundation:

The products of Mac are usually expensive but are very useful. It a comfortable and long-wear foundation that gives your skin a natural glow up to 15 hours. It is a waterproof foundation. Peoples have good results, who are using this product.

This an oil-free, and don’t make your skin so oily, because you don’t like it. This is used all types of skin like for oily skin as well as for dry skin. Apply it on your face and body and get ready to see the positive results.

2. Inglot Loose Powder

It is the powder applied after foundation.  It sets the foundation and mattifies the skin. it is useful for every age and every type of skin. The price of the product is Rs.1700. it is mixed with the foundation very well and gives you a different look.

You can easily shop online. This is available in different colors like brown shade, light brown, skin shade, and other 3 shades. It is 100% Genuine Products, before using it read carefully about its ingredients.

3. L’Oreal Paris Infalliable 16 hours concealer

L’Oreal Paris Infalliable 16 hours concealer is a highly useful product, that conceals dark circles and imperfections of the skin. It is the first concealer of L’Oreal that lasts up to 16 hours. Your skin looks fresh and makeup is perfectly applied.

It a long-lasting and long using concealer, with high coverage. This product is very easy and convenient to apply and gives you extra benefits from the other concealers. You can apply it after the makeup, it highlights the makeup, the face looks fresh even after 16 hours. It is affordable too.

4. Garnier BB Cream

BB is the short form of “Blemish Balm” cream. This cream is a combination of products like primer, SPF, concealer, foundation, and moisturizer. BB creams become very popular in the beauty industry. After its popularity increasing in South Asia and Korea, it then moved to the USA and now also in India.

The benefits of this cream are that it improves the appearance of skin. It includes intoxicants like Vitamin A, C, and E, which can help in improving the brightness of the skin. it works as a light moisturizer, don’t feel heavy ness of makeup on the skin.

5. M.A.C. Blushes:

These blushes are available in different shades and deliver sheer and pearlized finish to the skin. It works like a lightweight feel, no type of heavy load on the skin. All the beauty products of Mac are very good and natural. It gives an extra glow to the skin.

No need to apply too many products on the skin, just apply this light feel blush, easy to apply and long-lasting. This makes face lovely and natural, you can apply it on some small occasions, and during working hours. Skin looks younger, gorgeous, fresh, light feel and natural.

6. Lotus Herbals PureStay Long Lasting Face Powder -SPF 20:

This herbal powder is a part of makeup, for oily and dry skin. But when too many chemicals are mixed in the face powder, it doesn’t look natural. But this powder is herbal and natural, to save your skin from chemicals.

All the brands of Lotus are on the top list and are widely used in India. This face powder hides the wrinkles, fine lines, and save skin from the sun damage. The price is only Rs. 595, which can be easily affordable. Lotus herbal is a natural brand, there are 6 shades available for this product.

7. Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse:

Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse is a type of foundation that gives the skin a fresh look up to 16 hours. This mixes with the skin easily, unlike the other foundations, it doesn’t give too much whiteness to the skin, that looks so different and looks likes that you do heavy makeup on the skin.

Like the other brands, Lakme is also available in 6 different shades. You can choose the suitable one according to your skin. It included SPF 8 formula, that protects the skin from direct sunlight. The price of this brand is only Rs. 600.

8. Maybelline Dream Touch Blush:

Maybelline Dream Touch Blush maybe include in your collection of cosmetics. It is that kind of blush, that is fit on every type of occasion. So, you don’t need to buy a blusher again and again for different occasions. This provides your skin with a glowing look and easily mix up with skin.

This is light in nature, feel your skin comfortable and light. The application of blusher is not too much difficult, apply it in a proper quantity for best results. Apply it on the skin and blend through fingers on the face. The price of the product is Rs. 380.

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9. Lotus Herbals PURESTAY Nourishing Foundation:

This foundation of Lotus Herbal gives the skin an ultimate glow. This new formula protects our skin from sun damages and pollution. The foundation is totally herbal, and it proves when you use it. It feels light on the skin when you apply it and you feel different and changes in your skin.

It is so much light that you even don’t feel that you apply a foundation on the skin. This keeps your skin oil-free and sweats free. So many benefits of a single foundation with only Rs. 600.

10. Lakme Absolute Sun-kissed Bronzer:

As we know, Lakme becomes the topmost selling company in the beauty industry, which provides a large range of beauty products. Through this company, events like Lakme Fashion Weak are also organized. The application of this blusher is that just apply it in a few quantities on the face, blends on cheeks, and see the results.

It provides a sun-kissed glow to the skin and a limited collection Bronzer. If you have it, it shows you have a good taste in beauty products. This bronzer completes makeup, it is available in both light and dark shades. The price of the product is Rs.490.


So, I hope these beauty products help you to look more beautiful and gorgeous. if you have any queries related to these products than make sure to comment down below.

If you are already using these products then make sure to share your feedback in the comment box, which will tell other buyers.