On our earth, there all many creatures that are lived as we lived on earth. Some of them are not dangerous, as they are the domestic animals that are living in our homes with us. But, there are so many dangerous animals that live on earth. Although they are not around us, when we get in contact with them, they cause human death and serious injuries.

Top 10 Dangerous Animals in the World

1. Mosquitoes:

We all are very well aware about mosquitoes. Mosquitoes contains many harmful viruses, they inject the viruses into our body and get us infected with malaria and dengue. There are around more than 3,000 species of mosquitoes are available on earth. Mosquitoes are everywhere, in our homes and even in working place, that becomes us sick.

2. Box Jellyfish:

These are the invisible species of fishes, that are quite dangerous. These species are dangerous for all the animals that lived in water. The infected can feel tremendous pain even after he is hospitalized. The box jellyfishes contains toxins that attacks on our heart and nervous system.

3. Black Mamba:

Black Mamba is the most dangerous species of snakes, that causes many deaths every year. It attacked very quickly and the poison enters into the victim’s body very quickly. This is dangerous as king cobra is dangerous. The quantity of its bite is dangerous as it can kill ten peoples by a single bite.

4. Saltwater Crocodile:

In all the species of crocodiles, Saltwater crocodiles are most dangerous. They kill hundreds peoples every year. They can swim in both fresh water as well as in salt water, that is why they are more dangerous.

5. Cape Buffalo:

This animal is lived in African grasslands. With the humans, they can also attack on lions. The victims of cape buffalo are seriously injured, it has a 2,000 pounds weight and a fast speed to attack its victims.

6. Tsetse Flies:

These are the world’s most dangerous flies, that transmits the disease into human body called sleeping sickness, fever, headache, and joint pain. But now the number of deaths due to Tsetse flies are declining.

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7. Pufferfish:

They are the most poisonous species of fish in the world. These species are found in the areas of Japan, China and Philippines. This a is eating dish in these countries, and many peoples feels difficulty in breathing, vomiting, dizziness, and even death.

8. Golden Poison Dart Frog:

These are the most dangerous and colored species of frog all over the world. Poison of one frog will be enough to kill ten peoples. These are found in Northern South America.

9. Cone Snails:

Snails transmitted the disease called schistosomiasis, that can cause tremendous pain and bleeding in the infected area. Millions of peoples every year are infected with this disease. According to the estimation of World Health Organization, 20,000 to 2,00,000 deaths can be caused due to cone snails.

10. Deathstalker:

It is a type of scorpion, its name deathstalker is given to it because of its highly toxic venom. This is found in North Africa, and are too dangerous with their highly dangerous poisons.