In our today’s article, we are sharing you some information regarding your health, the type of viruses that is harmful to humans and causes many deaths in history. Most of them have a treatment, but in the past years, when there is no such type of treatment is available, these causes many deaths and health problems.

Top 10 Dangerous Viruses in the World

1. Ebola Virus:

This the virus that is found in countries like Africa, Zaire, Sudan, and Tai Forest. It is the most deadly virus among all the viruses that cause many deaths. The first case of this virus is identified on 1976 in Democratic Republic of Congo. The fatality rate is 50% to 71%.

2. Marburg Virus:

The virus is identified on 1967, when some lab workers are infected from the monkeys that are imported from Uganda. The common symptoms of this virus are high fever, and bleeding throughout the body. This virus causes many deaths in the last years.

3. Rabies:

This virus is transmitted through the rabid pets when a rebid pet bites a person, it enters in the human’s body. It was introduced in 1920s, but there is a vaccine available for treating such persons who are infested from it.

4. HIV:

It is the deadliest virus in the past times as well as in the present times. The disease was first introduced in the 1980s. There is no treatment to save the peoples from this disease, but through the antiviral drugs, the patients can live for some years with the disease.

5. Smallpox:

It was first discovered in 1980, and this disease killed peoples about 1 in 3 of those who are infected. The disease is killed around 300 million peoples in the 20th century.

6. Hantavirus:

It was first discovered in 1993 in the USA, when a young Navajo man and his fiancee died within days due to shortness of breath. Then after few months, the health identifies the hantavirus that is transmitted from a deer mouse living in the homes, and get peoples infected.

7. Influenza:

It is also called the Spanish Flu that was discovered in 1918. 5,00,00 peoples have died who have infested fro this disease. It creates a big health problem if is transmitted from an infected person to a healthy person.

8. Dengue:

It was first identified in 1950 in Thailand and Philippines. The disease is started through mosquitoes, that are carrying dengue virus to the persons. It makes illness about 50 to 100 million peoples every year. A vaccine for Dengue virus is approved in 2019 by the USA only for the children who are in the age between 9-16 years.

9. Lassa Virus:

The first victim of this virus is a nurse in Nigeria, this virus is transmitted by rodents. This virus is prevailed in the regions of Western Africa, and is a harmful disease creates illness and health problems, and get transmitted between the persons.

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10. Rotavirus:

This infested young children and babies. There are now two vaccines are available for preventing the children from Rotavirus. After the introduction of vaccines, there is a decline in the deaths and illnesses due to this virus.