Top 10 Great warriors in the World – There are many great warriors, who changed history. Because of their bravery, peoples remember them in the present times. Many statues are made in their memories, thousands of wars are held on earth, for different reasons. Here we are going to discuss the great warriors, which get famous only for their bravery.

Top 10 Great warriors in the World

1. Alexander The Great:

Alexander is the greatest warrior in history, that is why we use the word great with his name. He ruled on Macedon from 323 BC to 336 BC. He was the son of Philip II and Olympias. Before the death of his father, he moved quickly to spread his nation all over the world. Alexander fought a war with Persians, and many other historical battles.

2. Leonidas I of Sparta:

Leonidas was the 17th king who ruled on Sparta, often called hero king of Sparta. He is very famous for his heroic adventures, in 480 BC at the battle of Thermopylae. He was married to Gorgo, the daughter of Cleomene King.

3. Hannibal Barca:

Hannibal Barca was considered as the one of the greatest warriors of Carthage who fought in the battle between Rome and Carthage during second Punic War. He fight in the battle after the death of the first Punic War.

4. Sun Tzu:

Sun Tzu was a Chinese general and great warrior, who is known for his work, The Art of War. He have great strategies in defeating his enemies. Sun Tzu was a powerful ruler of China whose name is considered in the greatest warriors.

5. Spartacus:

Spartacus was a gladiator, who was one of the escape leaders during the Third Servile War. He was also called Muemillo, a heavyweight gladiator. It is said that he is sold for as a gladiator, but with this he is included in the list of top 1o great warriors in the world.

6. Gaius Julius Caesar:

He was considered as the great warrior and military general in Romans. He was born into a Patrician family, later he ruled on Roman and fight in many battles showing his bravery and the leardership skills. He won the battles of Britian, Germany and France.

7. Attila The Hun:

Attila is the warrior who ruled from 434 to 453 BC. He was the leader of the group called Huns, and this great group fought in many battles, every Roman Emperior was scared of him and his group. He ruled on his kingdom until his death in 453 BC.

8. Saladin:

Saladin was a Muslim warrior and military general who ruled from 1138 to 1193. In 1187, Saladin defeated the Horns of Hattin in Palestine. Saladin founded the Ayyubid dynasty, he is a great warrior and with this he is a very kind person, he gives his wealth to poor.

9. Richard Lionheart:

Richard Lionheart was the lion of England, who ruled on England for ten years from 1189 to 1199. He ruled on the areas of Normany, Gascony, Anjou, Maine, Brittany, and Nantes. He is given the name Lion for his courage and bravery.

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10. Genghis Khan:

Genghis Khan was a Genghis emperor who ruled from 1162 to 1227. He was the founder of the Mongol Empire,  and one of the greatest warriors in history. Before his death, he appointed Ogedei Khan as his successor.