A hotel provides us all the facilities that we wanted just like our home. It is like a short term home, where you stay for some time. The rent of the hotels depends on the facilities providing by them. Some of them are very low cost and some are very expensive, an average person can’t take the expense of these hotels.

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the world

1. Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine Hotel:

This is the world’s most expensive hotel, the rent of staying for one night in the hotel is $1,50,000. The price of this is huge because of its differentiation from other hotels, the major difference is that you can experience the underwater world in a submarine. Every luxurious thing is available in this hotel.

2. Hotel President Wilson Royal Penthouse:

The rent of this hotel is $80,000 per night, situated in Geneva, Switzerland. The building of this hotel is bulletproof, and full safety is provided for the customers. It is situated on the 8th floor, which gives it a tremendous view from the other hotels.

3. Empathy Suite- The Palms:

The rent for this hotel is $1,00,00 per night, includes it in the list of the world’s most expensive hotels. This is a grand hotel includes two grand bedrooms and a massage table. There are many art collections for those who are art lovers.

4. Hotel Four Seasons Ty Warner:

The name of the hotel is held on the name of its owner Ty Warner, the cost of staying a single night in the hotel is $60,000. This was started in 1989, situated in New York.

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5. The Mark Hotel:

This is the largest hotel in the United States that costs $75,0oo per night. You can get the feeling like a King or Queen when you stay in this hotel. From this, you can also enjoy the view of Central Park and other beauty of the city.

6. Raj Palace Hotel:

The hotel is situated in Jaipur, India costs $43,000 per night. It was established in 1727, for the King of Maharaja is past times. There is a museum for the customers to view the antique things of India.

7. The Maruka Suite- The Conrad:

It costs $50,000 per night, the facilities of the hotel are that there are grand bedrooms, swimming pool, bar, and gym, that makes it different from the other hotels. It is situated in the Maldives, and among the most expensive hotels.

8. Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada:

The rent for this hotel is $35,450 for a single night stay. There are all the facilities of the hotels provided in this hotel like poker tables, and pools. Most of the royal families are like to stay in this hotel.

9. Hotel Plaza Athene, France:

You can enjoy the view of Eiffel Tower from this hotel, that is why most of the peoples preferred this hotel in France. The rent for the hotel is $27,000 per night. Establishing on the 5th floor, the hotel gives excellent views to customers.

10. Burj Al Arab in Dubai, UAE:

The hotel is situated in the United Arab Emirates in Dubai, is the fourth tallest hotel in the world. It costs $28,000 per night. If you like to live in the seven wonders of the world, then this is a perfect choice.