What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is basically COVID-19 refers to the large family of viruses that cause diseases that are transmitted between peoples and humans. The first case of coronavirus is identified in Wuhan, a city in China on 31st December 2019. Firstly it is transferred from an animal, but now this is transmitted from a person to another person.

It is diseased that is now prevailing in 132 different countries and is spreading at a fast speed. Most of the cases found in China, and then this disease moves to further countries. Now, this is spread all over the world.

Symptoms of Coronavirus

The major symptoms of Coronavirus are as follow:

1. Running Nose:

This is a common symptom of Coronavirus. Every person that has running nose problem does mean they are infected with coronavirus, but there are chances that may be infected or not after the other symptoms develop.

2. Cough:

This is the second symptom of coronavirus, that develops after running nose. The symptoms develop between 2-14 days.

3. Difficulty in Breathing:

You feel difficulty in breathing when you are infested from coronavirus. It is the major or different symptom of coronavirus from other diseases.

4. High Temperature:

Peoples suffer from high temperatures those are affected by a coronavirus.

How to save from Coronavirus?

There is currently no vaccine and medicine, that is provided for coronavirus, only prevention can save you from this disease. You have to take care of some things if you want to save from this.

Steps of prevention of Coronavirus:

1. Wash Your Hands:

Wash your hands properly with soap and water, if not available, then wash hands with sanitizer. Wash at least for 20 seconds, before touching your eyes and face. This can prevent you from many other diseases.

2. Use a cloth when you sneezing and coughing:

Don’t sneeze and cough in an open area, always use a cloth while sneezing and coughing. If you don’t have any cloth, then you can use your elbow and shoulder.

3. Avoid Crowded Areas:

Don’t go to such type of areas where a large number of peoples are gathered. Avoid public functions and any other occasions with the heavy crowd.

4. Make a distance whose peoples have Coronavirus symptoms:

The peoples that have flu-like symptoms, make a distance from them. Avoid shaking hands and sharing food, etc. You can be infected with the disease if you meeting with the infested peoples.

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5. Stay home if you are sick:

If you have a fever and cough, stay at home, because in these conditions your immune system is weak and any disease can easily enter your body.

6. Use Facemask:

Use facemask if possible, if you don’t have it, then cover your mouth with any clean cloth while going fro home.

7. Avoid Traveling in the Virus-Infected Countries:

Don’t travel in the countries that are most infected from coronavirus. The major countries of the virus are China, Japan, the USA, Italy, etc. Stay at home if possible.

These are some of the preventions that you have to take care of, with this guide the society and the peoples, who don’t know about this disease. In case of emergency, you can call on the numbers that the Government of every country offers for its citizens.