if you know about online earning then you should know that you can earn easy money just by sitting home from Blog or Website. The popular thing about online is Blogs and websites. you can find kind of queries answer from blogs.

Have you ever think the results which Google shows when you search for any queries are written by google? The answer is no the Solutions and info you see on google is from different Blogs and Websites. Google just finds the best answer from those blogs and shows you the best Results.

What is Website?

A website is a collection of web pages and related content that is identified by a common domain name and published on at least one web server. Notable examples are wikipedia.org, Bing.com, and amazon.in. All publicly accessible websites collectively constitute the (www) World Wide Web.

Facebook is the world’s biggest Social media company with the help you can chat with your family, friends, and relatives. Its the type of Website same as Google or Twitter. you can also create your own website or Blog.

How to Create a Free Website?

To create a website you need many things and the primary requirement is money and after that Hosting, web Programmings like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, .Net and many more. if you have a decent amount of budget then you can hire a web developer.

You can tell your idea to the developer what kind of website you want to create. if you dont know coding and dont have a budget to hire any professional web developer then you can go with some free website where you can easily create a website without any programming.

  • www.weebly.com
  • www.sitebuilder.com
  • www.websitebuilder.com
  • www.sitey.com
  • www.wix.com

What is Blog?

The concept of Blog is totally different from the Website. A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page.

Blogs are the best ways to earn online money and you can create as many as you want blogs for free. we will also share with you ways to create a free blog for your self. you can Publish any type of content on your blog and if your blog gets ranked in google then you can earn passive earning from it.

How to create a Free Blog?

Free blog means you dont have to pay any money to create it and you can start learning blogging from it. you have to learn the concepts of blogging before you start earning or investing in it.

There are two most popular platforms where you can create your free blog which is WordPress and Blogger. Below are the steps to create a free blog with the help of the Blogger website.

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Steps to Create Free Blogger Website

1. Open your browser in Pc or mobile and search for www.blogger.com or www.blogspot.com both the domains are the same.
2. Now here first log in your Gmail ID with a password. After login click on New Blog Button.
3. You have to enter your blog Detail in this page first type your Blog Title and then Address means Domain, Select Your blog Template and click on Create blog button.

Congratulations! your blog is successfully created and now you can write your blog post and can earn money through it. Blogger or Blogspot is the Googles product and its totally free. But you will get fewer features in Blogger as compare to any paid Platforms.

Steps to Create Free WordPress Website

WordPress is the alternative of Blogger and you can create your first blog for free. to create a blog on WordPress just follow the below given steps. You can comment down below if you have any problem related to WordPress,

1. Open your browser in Pc or mobile and search for www.wordpress.com

2. Here first sign up your new WordPress account, you can go with Google or Apple ID for sign up. If you have already an account then log in with that.

3. Now you will see two Button which is create website and create blog just click on Create blog button.

4. Here select your blog type for example if your blog is related to Education Select Education & Organizations.

5. Type the Blog address you want and On the Next page select Free plan for a lifetime.

6. Now you will ask for your WordPress account type Email address, username, and password. Now click on Create my account.

That’s it! your WordPress free blog is created successfully and now your blog is ready to Publish Blog posts. you can monetize your Blog with Ads network like Google Adsense, Adsetra, Pop ads to earn money from it.

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So, this is all we want to share with you all. I hope the info we have shared in this article is useful for you. if you have any queries related to Blog or WordPress then you can let us know by commenting down below.

If you have a passion to write then you have to create a Blog where you can share your Knowledge. Many people are making the Nice amount of money through Blogs.

Adsense is the major Earning source of all type blogs even some websites. you can write blog posts in your native language like Hindi, English, Punjabi, etc.