What is the Internet?

In simple words, the Internet is the network of all the connected computers all over the world. The use of the Internet is increasing day by day. It is an estimation that 33% of the total population of the world is using the internet. We can say that we have an addiction to using the internet.

The Internet becomes a very important part of our daily life. It is used in every field of life like in the home, education institutions, businesses, hospitals, etc. People from all over the world can communicate with each other with the help of the internet.

The Internet is said the greatest development and invention in the history of mankind. It makes our life simple.

Advantages of Using the Internet:

1. Provides Information:

The main advantage of the internet is that it provides us information. The Internet is the bundle of all the information. We can search for anything on the Internet. It provides us valuable information. Google is the most used search engine on the Internet. You can find anything that you want to search for. It is more than books, newspapers, and magazines.

2. Entertainment:

The Internet becomes a major source of entertainment. A wide variety of content is available on the Internet for entertainment like movies, songs, games, news, etc. Internet reduces the use of TV and other entertainment media. Peoples entertain their self by using the internet.

3.  Communication:

People from all over the world can communicate with each other through the Internet. It is in the form of sending and receiving e-mails, video calls, social media all are possible because of the Internet. There are no geographical boundaries for contacting a person. We can communicate with such persons who are living outside the country.

4. Helps in Education:

The Internet helps a lot in the field of education. The students can search for anything according to their education level. It provides every type of information in written form and also in the video. The students are preparing for competitive exams through the Internet and make their future bright.

5. Money Maker:

By using the Internet, you can also make money at home. There are so many jobs related to the Internet. Many peoples are earning a huge amount of profits on the Internet. There is no need to go anywhere in search of a job if you are aware of the benefits of the Internet.

6. Online Shopping:

Online shopping is also possible with the help of the Internet. No need to go to a particular shop for buying anything. You can purchase anything at home with a reasonable amount. The companies offer home delivery services for online shopping. The popular shopping websites are Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

7. Saves time:

The Internet saves time. There is no need to go anywhere for shopping, learning. Everything is possible at home through the Internet. Thus, it saves time and energy. We can also make payments on the Internet and receive payments.

8. E-Commerce:

E-Commerce refers to electronic commerce. It means doing business online with the help of the Internet. A person can purchase and sell anything on the Internet. There is no personal relationship between the seller and the customer and no need to meet personally for doing business. The payments are accepted on the Internet.

9. Globalization:

Internet helps in Globalization. It connects us with the peoples of another country. It also spreads our domestic business at the international level. Many multinational companies are entered into the domestic market which increases the national income of the nation and helps in its development.

10. Services:

The services of the Internet includes online shopping, online banking, job searching, hotel reservation, tickets reservation for airplane, trains and also for buses. These are some services provided by the Internet. The price of these services is less expensive as compared to offline services.

Disadvantages of the Internet:

1. Hacking of Personal Details:

There is always a risk that another person can hack your personal information and can misuse this information. So always be aware before uploading your details on the Internet.

2. Addiction:

The more use of the Internet becomes you addicted to the Internet. It is not good for your health and career. Searching anything with no purpose on the Internet is definitely a waste of time. It becomes like a disease that is harmful to your mental and physical development.

3. Harmful for Eyes:

The Internet has a bad effect on our eyesight. It makes our eyesight weak. So, it is advised not to use the Internet all over the day.

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4. Virus:

The virus is the programs that destroy our valuable information. Many viruses are available on the Internet which is harmful to such. For removing this problem, many anti-virus software is installed into the system.

5. Pornography:

Pornography is very harmful to children. There are a lot of pornography websites available on the Internet that provide harmful material which is dangerous for the mental development of the child. Watching porn videos is a very bad habit.

6. Meeting with the bad peoples:

When we are talking about any person on the Internet, we are not meet personally with that person. We don’t whether the person is a good person or not. Sometimes it creates a lot of problems for us when we chat with the bad peoples. It disturbs our life.

7. Harmful For Children:

The Internet is harmful to our children when they are spending too much time on the Internet instead of studying books. They don’t care about their studies. It harms their eyes and their development if it is not using for study purposes.

8. Frauds:

Many types of frauds are committed on the Internet. There is a special law that deals with only those crimes and frauds that are committed on the Internet. This law is called Cyber Law. Internet crimes include uploading any personal video of the person which is not to disclose to anyone. The frauds include theft of money from the bank accounts and ATM cards.

9. Spamming:

Spamming means when you are receiving a large number of unsolicited e-mails. They are meaningless and unnecessary for us and can destroy our system.

10. Harmful for Career:

It is harmful to your future if you are using it for bad purposes. It takes you in the wrong direction and sometimes you may involve in crime.


So, this is the all we want to share with you about Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet. if you hava question related to internet then you can comment down below.