In a few months, you have seen many viral social media videos in which people are showing magic effects, superpowers and using movie dialogues. These all types of videos you can create from the Like app.

So, now you are thinking what is Like App and how to use it on your smartphone. After watching these all videos of social media you might have thought that all videos are created by professional video editing tools.

But now you can make this kind of video for free in the Like App. With your creativity, you can make animation, movies, and videos. so let’s get into the article where I will tell you all the steps to download it for free.

What is Like App

Like App is a short video creation platform where users can make short creative videos and can upload on their profile in Like app. The Like App features are similar to Instagram but there is a plus point in Like App that you can make unique and creative videos with Like app special effects.

You can gain Millions of followers from Like App by showing your creativity in videos. As a user, you can see the latest trend videos of Like app and can share it with anyone.

Like App is available for both Android and iOS. you can download this app is Android from the Play Store and for iOS from App Store. The like app is almost available in 10 languages which are English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Gujrati, Kannada, Malayalam and Punjabi.

The full name of this app is the LiKE Video App and its created by Singapore based company named BIGO technology. they renamed their Short video app LIKE to the LIKEE. The App Publisher’s full name is BIGO TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD.

Features of Like App

Now let’s talk about some amazing features of Like app with the help of them you can create Excellent effect videos.

– You will get a tool when you record videos and with the help of them, you can use special effects, Thousands of stickers and magical emotions.

– Brand new makeup and Micro Surgery features which makes you more beautiful in a few seconds.

– The cutting edge music Magic filters with the help of this feature you can add any new or old music in your videos.

– Smart features like Superpowers, 4D Magic and Hair color which helps to shoot a super-viral video.

– Video dubbing of popular movies and you can add dialogue in your like App videos.

– The best feature of the like app which is Nearby feature with the help you can find local Like users.

– High-Quality original content videos for daily feed and you can share them on your whatsapp status.

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– Its a Global Short video Creation platform where you can get billions of views in your video and can be an internet sensation.

How to download Like App?

You can download this app from Google Play Store easily or from the Apple App Store. let me tell you steps to download Like App from Google Play Store.

1. Open Play Store in your smartphone and now search for Like App.

2. Now you will see like App logo, click on that.

3. Here just click on the install button and in a few seconds, your download will be started.

How to create an account in Like app?

if you want to create an account on like app then, first of all, you need to install like app and after that, you can create your account. follow the given below steps to create an account.

1. after downloading the Like app just open it and now you have to select the app language. you can select your suitable language and click on the confirm button.

2. Now here you will ask to enter your mobile number, just enter your 10 digits mobile number. before that, you have to click on Sign up/ Log in with the Phone number option.

3. Now you have to enter OTP which was sent to your given mobile number.

4. After entering OTP you can click on the confirm button and that’s it now your Like app account is created successfully.

How to create an account on Like app without Mobile Number?

If you dont have any mobile number or you dont want to use it. then you can create your like app account with the help of Facebook, Google and Instagram accounts.

To do that you have to click on Log in with Facebook option and now a Facebook login dashboard pop up. Enter your Facebook logins and click on the login button. Now give like app access to your Facebook account. when you click on the allow button your registration will be done and your Like App account is successfully created. you can use the same method to login with Google or Instagram account.

What is the leaderboard means in Like App?

When you use like app then there is an option which is called leaderboard. here you can see every 24-hour top viral videos of Like app. The video which gets more likes and engagement will add in Leaderboard for 24 hours.

Your video can also be on top of Leaderboard if you create original and creative videos. The Top Leaderboard videos get more likes and more followers.

How to use Like app?

If you have downloaded the like app then you should know about how it works and how you can make creative videos. Dont worry about that I will tell you all the features and how to use it.

Main options of Like app

  • Profile Icon
  • Follow
  • Popular
  • Notification bell
  • Nearby
  • Global
  • Latest video

Video creation features in Like App

  • Select music
  • Shoot First
  • From Gallery
  • 4D Magic effects
  • Face stickers
  • Music Magic
  • Dialogue Acting


So, this is all that we want to share with your about Like app. I hope all your doubts related to like the app is not cleared. if you have any query then you can comment down below.