Have you ever heard about OBS Software? and dont know for what reason gamers use it. In this post, we will tell you all about the OBS Software and how you can easily use it. Before we tell you its feature and how you can use it. you have to know about What is OBS Software.

OBS Software

The OBS software is a software used for Live streaming and Video, Audio Recording purposes in windows. All the famous YouTubers and Twitch Streamers use this software to Live stream games.

OBS software is open-source. also its a free to use the software. you can easily download this software from the OBS official website and run on your computer. we can record Computer display with the help of OBS.

We can record all the qualities and frames in OBS. The OBS Software record and upload the games at the same time. which means it consumes more power of CPU.

How to Use it?

It’s very easy to use OBS Software for live streaming as well as recording. In OBS there are different buttons for both live stream and recording. You can live stream on Youtube, Facebook, Twitch and many other websites.

To Live-stream your videos or game you need to enter live stream key in your OBS Software and then your video will be star broadcasting live on your given website.

You can add more layouts in your videos and also can use the mic for audio. All these features are available in OBS Software. But to live stream videos and games you need a good quality internet connection.

Famous Youtube gamers like Carry Minati, Dynamo Gaming, Mortal all are using OBS and same for Twitch streamers like Shroud, Docter disrespect, Laura all are using OBS Software for their game live stream.

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Queries Related to OBS Software

There are many quries that users want to know about OBS Software and we have listed some of them down below. if you also have any queries related to OBS-Software then you can comment down below. we will surely reply to you ASAP.

What does OBS software do?

OBS which stands for Open Broadcaster Software is a software used for live streaming the games, videos and also used for Recording videos in Windows. It’s an open-source and free to use software created by Hugh “Jim” Bailey.

Is OBS Software Safe?

Yes, OBS Software is purely safe. Gamers are using this software for many years and it’s working fine without any piracy leak. OBS dont ask for fetching your files and data.

How do I install OBS software?

You can install this software with the help of the Installer and also can direct download from OBS official website. its a quick and easy method to install OBS Software. The OBS installer size is around 60 MB.

What is the latest version of OBS?

The latest version of OBS which is currently running is OBS 24.0.3 Version. This version was released on October 11th and available to download from the official website.

Does OBS have a watermark?

NO, OBS dont have a watermark. The OBS Software dont show watermark in videos or live streams because of its an open-source code software.

Is OBS Studio free?

Yes, The OBS Studio is free to use and anyone can easily download this from OBS official website for their personal use.

Is OBS a video editor?

NO, OBS is not a video editor. you can just record videos and can live stream games online. you cant edit videos in it.

What is better XSplit or OBS?

Both the Softwares have their own features and both are good at there own features. OBS is fast and easy to use where XSplit is less in size with low power uses.

What is the best free streaming software?

The one and only Best free Streaming software which is named as OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) Software. You can freely use it for your streaming.

Is obs the best?

With my personal experience A Big YES, OBS is the best software I have ever used for Video recording and Streaming.

Is OBS or Streamlabs OBS better?

The OBS and Streamlabs OBS both are the same. The Streamlabs OBS is the OBS updated more featured version. because it’s an open-source anyone can edit this or upgrade this. Both the OBS and Streamlabs OBS are best to use. but Streamlabs OBS has some more features.


This is all we want to share with you about OBS Software and we have also shared how you can use OBS for your streaming and video recording. All the OBS related quries are mentioned above.