Do you know what is Operating system? if no then dont worry about that. In this post, I will tell you about the Operating system and its uses.

Just like a human being has heart same for Computer it has its heart as an Operating system. in short form, we also call it OS. just like we buyed any smartphone and we said that its Android, Windows, Linux, Mac, etc these all are the operating systems.

Androids like Android Lolipop, Android KitKat or Android Oreo and in windows like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, etc same as in Mac OS.

Only a few of them know about how operating systems work. the basic definition of an operating system is the interface of use end and Hardware. other queries like how many types of OS and how to use them all will be covered in this article.

What is Operating System (OS)

The operating system which also named System software and people call it OS by short name. The operating system also called the heart of the computer.

To run any PC or laptop you need an operating system that handles all your commands and gives outputs. YOu cant save data or play music without the Operating system.

Whenever you buyed any Computer or laptop the first thing you do is install windows 8 or 10 to run your computer. Without an operating system, you can Start or On your computer.

The main jobs which are done by the operating system are keyboard Input, output to a computer screen, Run or open the given command. You cant see the operating system because it’s just digital software.

Names of Operating system

Where are many operating systems available online but Windows is the world’s most popular operating system. The list of Operating systems is given below.

1. Linux Operating System
2. Apple iOS
3. Apple macOS
4. Microsoft Windows
5. Google Android OS

Above given all the operating systems are the most used and popular operating systems used in computers, laptops, and Mobile phones.

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Works of Operating systems

The operating system does many works but the first work it did when we On the computer is to load the ram and allocate the user software. Other works are given is below list.

1. Memory Management
2. Security
3. File Management
4. Processor Management
5. Device Management
6. Error
7. Software and user interface
8. system performance

Now let’s talk about these all works of Operating system one by one in the detail.

Memory Management – Operating system Manage both the memories that are Primary and Secondary memory. Main memory is the memory that is used by CPU Directly and RAM is handled by the Operating system.

The operating system handles all parts of the main memory that which part is being used and which is not. To run or process any program Operating system gives Memory for it and takes it back when the program is done.

Security – When we start our mobile or computer if you had set a password to unlock it then the operating system first asks for the password.The main work in the security of the operating systems to block unauthenticated access.

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The Operating system asks for permission before deleting the main and important files from your computer, laptop or mobile.

File Management – The files are the storage of a lot of directories and with the help of File management, we can find our data easily. File management is managed by the Operating system.

File management does Resource allocation and De-allocate. it manages the resource and also information, locations, and status of all the files stored in your computer or laptop.

Processor Management – When it comes to doing multiprogramming tasks then the Operating system decides which task needs to be done first and how much resource and time it takes. its also called process scheduling in the Operating system.

All the process is allocated by CPU and after the first task done the second task will automatically start. you can check the running tasking in Task manager.

Device Management – Every Computer use drivers like video drivers, Sound driver, Graphics driver, wifi driver, Bluetooth driver and many more. it all comes in device management.

Device Management tracks all the computer drivers’ performance which is also called I/O Controller. Devive Management gives output like Video playing or printing and after the work done it Deallocate the device.

Error – Operating system find errors in Computer or laptop and show then to use by a computer screen. The Operating system also can fix these errors by your command.

These errors can be Shown at any time and in Any program like playing a video or staring a software.

Software and User interface – Compiler, Interpreter and assembler these all assign the tasks. The operating system does communication between user and system.

The operating system creates user-friendly tasks and takes command from the user to give these commands to the software.

System Performance – As the name is describing itself it Checks the system performance and also manages it. System performance gives the timing that how much time one task takes to complete.

These all are the main works of the Operating system and without an operating system, these programs cant be done.

Types of Operating Systems

types of operating system

1. Batch Operating system
2. Multiprogramming Batch Operating system
3. Simple Batch Operating System
4. Network Operating System
5. Multiprocessor Operating system
6. Time-Sharing Operating system
7. Distributed Operating System
8. Real-Time Operating System

What you have learned today?

Today if you have read this full article then you have learned about what is the operating system and for what reason we use it. we also have discussed the names of operating systems and works of Operating systems.

As per new and updated operating systems are coming there are more easy to access, user-friendly and fast in use. for example windows 10 is the latest operating software of windows and it’s much better and faster than the all old windows versions.

Which operating system you guys think is user-friendly and used more than others. Let us know by commenting down below and if you have any queries related to OS then you can ask us.