What is SEO? and why it is important for Blogs or websites. Every Blogger wants to Know about this Question. In today’s world, everything is digital and available online. you can connect with Thousands of Users with the help of the Internet.

Where you want to connect with people through Video or content you need to appear on the Top page of searches. Because all people click or watch top content. Reach on the Top SEO helps you to do that. You have to do SEO of your content means you have to optimize your Vidoe or content according to Search Engine.

If you want to become a blogger you have to learn SEO and how it works. SEO is the main key to success in the blogging field. You have to learn and understand Google algorithms, how they find perfect matched content related to your Query.

Now let’s get into this article where I will tell you what is SEO? and its types, how to implement it. You have to learn it seriously if you really want to become a blogger or want to rank any website or Blog in google Top results.

What is SEO

SEO which Stands for Search Engine Optimization. As we all know about what is a search engine. Google is the world’s most used Search engine. There are many other search engines available like Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc. With the help of SEO, you can show your Blog posts on the Top No.1 Position.

For Example, if you search something on Google the top no.1 result which google show is a Blog post which is SEO Optimized. You can gain more visitors with the help of SEO. Search engine Rank your Blog post by many factors and most of these factors comes in SEO.

Nowadays People pay much money just to do SEO for their websites. if you want to become an SEO expert then trust me you can make a huge amount of money just by working from your home or office. There are also many other online earning platforms available.

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You can get free traffic just by doing SEO on your blog. Many people invest in advertisements to get visitors to their websites. But the best way to get traffic is Google and you cant rank on Google without SEO.

Types of SEO

SEO is of two types and both are different from each other. Both types of SEO works is also different. Below are the types of SEO.

1. On-Page SEO
2. Off-Page SEO
3. Local SEO

Now let’s discuss these all types of SEO one by one and how to implement them on your Blog to make it SEO friendly for all the Search engines.

On-Page SEO

To design and make it On-Page SEO friendly we use On-Page SEO. To implement On-Page SEO on your blog you have to first use SEO friendly Template (Theme) for your blog. write good content with the most searched keywords in your Article.

use the Main Keywords in your Blog post Title, Meta Description, Content. so Google can easily find and rank your website to your given word. If you are WordPress user then there are many plugins available to do easily on-page SEO which is Yoast SEO, RankMath, etc. these Plugins have both paid and free versions. for starting you can go with a free version which is enough for you.

Main factors of On-Page SEO

  • Website Speed
  • Website Navigation
  • Title Tags
  • Internal Linking
  • Outbound Links
  • Content, Keywords, and Heading
  • Post URL
  • Alt Tag

Off-Page SEO

The entire work of Off-Page SEO is out of your blog. Off-Page, SEO means the promotion of your Blog. To give your website or blog more popularity you have to create Backlinks from other websites that refer your website through hyperlinks(backlinks).

Also, you have to Do Social networking of your Website. to do that you can create Facebook, Quora, Twitter, Instagram pages or profile with your website name. The more you get followers on your Social media Profiles the more you get Website visitors.

To make Backlinks you can do a guest post on other popular websites. Also, you can do comment backlinks, some websites offer paid backlink which is good if you have a budget for it. The decent Quality website charges you around 40-80$ per One Backlink.

Main factors of Off-Page SEO

  • Search Engine Submission
  • Bookmarking
  • Directory Submission
  • Social media
  • Backlinks
  • Blog commenting
  • Pin
  • Guest Post

Local SEO

Many of you want to know about what is local SEO. The SEO is done according to the Local Audience of any area. You can rank well in a specific area by just doing Local SEO. You can add your location and Address according to your Local Audience

It’s an effective way to get a local target audience for your blog or website. with the help of Local SEO, you can Know people Online as well as offline because they are the target and your local Audience.

Basic Terms of SEO


You can get a decent amount of traffic if you know the basic terms of SEO and how you can implement it. Search engines Rank post on various factors. google check and rank your Blog post by thousands of factors. But the basic terms are given below.

  • Backlink
  • Meta Tags
  • Search Algorithm
  • Anchor text
  • PageRank
  • Title Tag
  • Keyword Density
  • SERP
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Robots.txt
  • Search console submission


Today we have learned about What is SEO and Basic terms of SEO. Also, we have discussed Types of SEO and how both are types of SEO are different. If you have any queries related to SEO then you can comment down below.

Whenever you get Get traffic or visitors from Any search engine like Google then its called Organic traffic and if you get traffic from Any social media platform its called referring Traffic.

If any friend wants to learn about SEO then you can share this post with your friends. this post will surely help him to clear his Basic SEO Doubts.