Everywhere you see you will see TikTok Videos and TikTok creators. The TikTok app gets popular in a few years.

Before the Tiktok app, youtube and Facebook were very popular social media platforms. but after Like App and TikTok app there popularity gets down and people start using these apps more than any other.

TikTok app is a new way of entertainment for peoples. Tiktok has more than millions of users only for India. you can create awesome types of videos from TikTok with there features.

But many people still dont know about the Tiktok app and other features like how to download it and use it. in this post, we will discuss this all.

What is TikTok

TikTok app is a kind of Short-form video creation and video sharing platform. which allows users to make 15 seconds videos and 30 seconds videos on any topic you want.

Tiktok is a social media Video app that runs on iOS and on Android platforms. you can use TikTok to make a comedy, funny, short debugging and talent videos. you can share these videos on any platform like Facebook, Instagram or whatsapp.

Tiktok also manages its app is the Chinese market which is named Duyin. which has more than 300 Million active monthly users. Tiktok is the new combination of Musical.ly and Duyin app.

The Tiktok app was launched in 2017 by ByteDance. Tiktok A short real videos where you will get top hits music as well as your mobile music list.

many of you guys know this name with Musical.ly app which was renamed in 2018 to Tiktok. Tiktok is a 75$ billion Chinese tech giant. The TikTok creator also named Toutiao.

Let me tell you some history of Tiktok app. bytedance buyed Musical.ly on 9 November 2017 in 1$ Billion USD. Musical.ly was already popular in The USA country later they merge the apps and make a professional app which is Tiktok.

Currently, Tiktok has more than 500 Million active users. Tiktok app is available in 40 Languages and its iOS size is 308 MB and the android size is 55 MB.

How to download Tiktok app?

if you want to use Tiktok app than first you have to download it. follow the below steps to download the Tiktok app for Android.

how to download tiktok app

1. Open play store and search for Tiktok app

2. You will see the Tiktok logo just click on that.

3. Now here click on the Install button to install the Tiktok app on your smartphone.

Tiktok for Android Mobile – Click here

Tiktok for iOS – Click here

Reasons why Tiktok is popular

After its launch, TikTok is getting more popular day by day. there are many reasons behind Tiktok popularity. In 2018 on apple store TikTok was the most popular downloaded app. the few reasons for popularity behind TikTok are given below.

Liked By many Celebrities

This app is an all-time favorite of many celebrities and many shoot daily videos for TikTok for Film promotions. this is the main reason for getting the popularity of this app.

Celebrities’ challenges and paid promotions help this app to reach out to more people.

Easy to access videos

the easy to access videos mode make this app more viral. anybody can easily use this app and can make any type of video for free. It shows you a new song and video trends related to your interest.

Tiktok also runs many contests in which creators have to make awesome type videos. Top 10 contestants of these events get prizes. it’s the best way to make your name online as an influencer.

Content creation and Sharing

TikTok app has easy video creation and sharing options. Anyone can make and share videos on Tiktok even non-technical. Tiktok only allows users to upload videos up to 30 seconds. It’s easy to create 15-30 second videos.

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Also, it’s simple and accessible AI that is developed for you guys. you can watch short funny videos if you will bore anytime. You can use the search option to find your favorite video creators like Jannat, Riyaz and many more.

How to create an account on TikTok App?

After installing the Tiktok app on your smartphone you can create your Tiktok account and start posting videos. if you dont know how to create a TikTok account then follow the given below steps.

1. After Installation of the Tiktok app just open it and go to your profile option.

2. Now from here, you can create an account with your mobile number or Email iD. The other option is Facebook, Instagram, Google Account, and Twitter.

3. The fast and easy way to create an account is with Email for it just click on Sign up with Phone or Email.

4. here type your Email address and phone, click on next. Enter your OTP code to verify your account.

5. on this page you can set your Tiktok account password. After all these steps you are now able to post and create short videos.

How to use TikTok App?

If you have read the full article till now then you have many questions in your mind that how to use to TikTok app and how to create videos in It.

Features in TikTok app

  • Home
  • Search
  • Plus Button
  • Profile
  • Notification

Home – When you open the Tiktok app the first feed you will see is called home. where you can see all the latest uploaded videos of your following peoples.

Search – Withe the search button you can search for videos and creators by there names or usernames. You can also use HashTags to find related videos.

Plus button – To make a new video or add from your gallery just click on the Plus button where you will see all options to create new videos with songs.

Profile – Get your all profile data from the profile option. you can change your DP and Bio info from it. You can change your username from Profile if you want.

Notification – All your video and comments stats update you will see in the Notification option. when someone likes or comment on your video then you will get notifications about that.


I hope after reading this article your all queries related to TikTok are cleared now. we have described all about TikTok that what is it and how to use it. make sure to comment down below if you are TikTok user or want to be TikToker.