There are the richest countries in the world as well as the poorest countries that have no growth opportunities. The richest countries are economically strong, and they have advanced technology among other countries.  The currency of such countries is comparatively high.

Top 10 Richest Countries in the World

1. Qatar:

Qatar is the richest country all over the world who has the highest per capita income in the whole world. Qatar is one of the world’s most producers that is producing oil and gas. It is the world’s third-largest country of oil and gas reserves.


This is the main reason behind its richness. Qatar has a population of 2.5 million. The oil and gas are the major income sources of the country. The relationships between China and Qatar is growing stronger. For the last two decades, Qatar has the highest per capita carbon dioxide emissions in the whole world.

2. Luxembourg:

Luxembourg is one of the richest countries of the world having GDP per capita of 92,029. It has paid the highest amount to its workers that are EUR 1923 per month. It is also known as the safest country in the world among the other nations. Luxembourg is a full democracy country.

This country has a high income and a wealthy economy and the unemployment rate is low. The production of steel contributes to making this country the richest. It has the world’s second-largest investment center after America. Many big and high-tec companies are to be established in Luxembourg. It has a small population of around 5,96, 336.

3. Macao SAR China:

The second world’s richest country is Macao is the city situated on the western side of the Pearl River. Macao is a special administrative region of China. It has a capitalist service economy. Macao is one of the world’s highest GDP.

Macao has the world’s largest gaming industry, which provides $24 billion in revenue to this country. It has a very well developed transport system. The Chinese and Portuguese cultures followed in Macao. The economy of Macao country is growing day by day. Many of the developed countries build their relationships with Macao.

4. Singapore:

Singapore is the city located at the Southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Singapore has the most advanced technology which increases its industrial sector. Many multinational corporations established their business in Singapore.

Singapore is the major trade center in the world. The people of different religions are lived in Singapore. It has a population of 5.6 million. The per capita income of Singapore is high among all nations. The main languages spoken in Singapore are English, Tamil, and Mandarin.

5. Brunei:

Brunei is a country situated in Southeast Asia. Bandar Seri Begawan is the capital of Brunei. Is has a small country with a population of 4,28,697. Brunei is an oil-rich country and the major sources of its income are natural resources. The leader of Brunei country is among the richest person in the world.

Its unemployment rate in Brunei is 5%, which is lowest among the other countries. English and Malay are the main languages spoken in Brunei. Brunei is a small Muslim country, but there is also the followers of Buddhism in Brunei.

6. Kuwait:


Kuwait is a country located in Western Asia. The total population of Kuwait is 4.5 million, in which only 1.3 million peoples permanently lived in Kuwait, the other 3.2 million peoples are those peoples who lived only for employment purposes called Expatriates.

Oil Reserves are discovered in Kuwait. After World War II, there is a shortage of oil reserves in the world, this is called the Golden Period of Kuwait when Kuwait has most oil reserves of the world. Not only for his oil reserves, but Kuwait is also famous for his music and theatre.

7. Bermuda:

Bermuda is located at The Northern Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda is the country who has its own laws and constitution, which is in the hands of the Bermuda Government. Bermuda is one of the world’s highest per capita income and GDP. Bermuda has a very small population of 65,441.

Bermuda has its offices in London and Washington D.C. The largest insurance companies are located in this country, which makes it the richest country in the world. There are not many peoples lived in Bermuda, but financially, it is a strong and wealthy country.

8. United Arab Emirates:

The United Arab Emirates is located at the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula. The economy of this country mainly based on the fishing and pearl industry. Due to the exports of oil, this country becomes a rich country. This country has a population of approximately 9.4 million.

It has a world’s longest metro system and the World’s tallest building Burj Khalifa is situated here. The total area of the United Arab Emirates is 83,600 km². The United Arab Emirates is the world’s seventh-largest oil reserve country. And it produces 2.7 million oil per day, which is the main reason for its success.

9. Norway:

Norway is one of the longest coastlines in the whole world. It is the country with a population of 5 million and is the second small population country in Europe. Because of oil reserves, it is one of the richest countries in the world. Oil is contributed a lot in its development.

The oil industry is the most important part of Norway’s economy. The world’s longest road tunnel is situated in Norway. The peoples living in Norway has high annual income and wealth, and their payment of tax helps to grow more. Norway produces petroleum and exports it in other countries.

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1o.Hong Kong:

Hong Kong a city and administrative region of China, which has a population of 7.4 million. Hong Kong has a highly developed economy and is the third Global Financial Center in the world. It has the world’s largest a number of skyscrapers, and the world’s third high buildings.

It is popular for its machinery and minerals such as Diamonds, Gold was discovered here. The rule and regulations are in the hands of the Government of China and Hong Kong. It has a powerful economy and infrastructure.


So, these are the countries, that are economically strong among all the other countries, because of the presence of natural resources and oil, petroleum, gold makes these countries richer. if you have any queries related to these countries than comment down below