Youtube provides us many interesting videos and by youtube, man persons got fame. Here in this article, we are going to tell you about the world’s top 10 YouTubers, their life and how much they earned from youtube and a lot of interesting facts.

Top 10 Youtubers of the World in 2020

Let’s start reading one by one.

1. T-Series:

T-series is a music-based youtube channel and a film production company in India. T-Series become India’s largest music record company. It has more than 129 million subscribers on youtube. In youtube, T-Series has multi-channels including 29 channels that have more than 184 million subscribers.

The channel of T-Series represents music videos and the trailers of new coming movies, as we know movies are liked by everyone and their channel becomes popular. The content of the channels is represented in Hindi, English, and Spanish. T-Series started working on youtube 13 March.2006. On January 17, 2017, T-Series challenges PewDiePie to become the top youtube channel of the whole world.

2.  PewDiePie:

The channel has more than 101 subscribers. Felix Kjellberg started this channel. He is known as Felix and belongs to Sweden. He is uploading his videos for a long time, but he gets famous in the year of 2010. After increasing the number of his subscribers in 2013, he got a professional contract of a Studio.

The purpose of his videos is to make the audience laugh. That is why peoples like him so much. This you tuber is mostly playing horror games. He earns a huge amount from youtube, his income is $30-50 million. His main target on games.

3. Dude Perfect:

This YouTuber has more than 45.8 million subscribers. He belongs to America and started his channel from 2009. He uploaded videos related to sports. In the videos, he is worked with a team of three, one is his brother and the second is his friend.

The videos that they uploaded on youtube are mainly related to football, basketball, and golf. This makes their channel more successful. They have also followers on Facebook and Twitter. The audience likes their videos and their team. The annual income from your tube is very high and they motivate us to earn something with enjoyment.

4. HolaSoyGerman:

He has 39.8 million subscribers. German Alejandro Germania Arenas is YouTuber, a comedian and also a writer. He becomes famous through his youtube channel HolaSoyGerman. He worked in a band and produced many songs.

In June 2019,  his channel becomes the second most subscribed channel in the Spanish language. Germania uploaded his first video on youtube in 2011. His greatest achievement was having a lot of subscribers than others. With his success, he also faces many problems. He has controversy for one of his videos, but besides this, he never thinks about stopping and moving only ahead.

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5. Henderson:

Whindersson Nunes Batista is a comedian, singer who is known for his youtube videos. In October 2016 his youtube channel Whindersson become the most viewed and subscribed channel in Brazil. His channel has more than38.2 million subscribers. He also does acting.

He makes his career success through his smart work. When he entered the age of fifteen, his interest in making videos for youtube. But, he does not get success in his first attempt. He started uploading videos continuously. Then Whindersson created a youtube channel in 2013.

6. Elrubius OMG:

Elrubius is Star on Youtube and social media personality. He becomes the Youtuber of the Year in 2016. His channel got 22 million subscribers. He and his best friend Miguel Angel, rocks on youtube. The two motivate each other to make videos on youtube. On Instagram, he has 5 million followers.

Everyone accepted their videos. But it never so easy to survive on youtube, because of hard competition. A lot of persons make videos on youtube, but a very few of then will get success. The quality of the videos is to be good for attracting the audience.

7. Kids Diana Show:

Kids Diana Show is a youtube channel in which a young girl, named Diana makes videos. In these videos, she is playing with her family and friends. Her channel has 44.9 million subscribers and becomes the world’s 4th largest viewed youtube channel. This is a very big achievement in this age.

She mainly focuses on songs of children and videos in which she is playing with her toys. Her earning from you is $ 44.7 million. Kids like her videos so much and enjoyed it.

8. Felipe Neto:

Felipe Neto is a well-known YouTuber in Brazil which has 35 million subscribers of his channel. He also acts like a comedian, actor, and writer. When he started his career, he starts making videos on movies, daily activities, and talking about some big celebrities.

He started his youtube channel Felipneto in the year of 2010. His channel got a total of 6.3 billion views. He makes videos on cultural events and comedic videos. His videos are in general talking about what we think about celebrities not only in the movies but also in sports, music, and politics.

9. Like Nastya Vlog:

Anastasia Radzinskaya also popular for Nastya, and like Nastya is a YouTuber life in Russia-America. With the help of each other, Nastya and her family start a youtube channel for children. Her channel has more than 117 million subscribers that make her channel the world’s largest youtube channel for kids.

In her videos, she is playing with her family, enjoying the special events, going to parks and singing rhymes. She gets success at an early age and her family supports also supports her for what she wants to do in her life. Her family makes attention to her when everybody starts liking her videos.

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10. Fernanfloo:

Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado is popularly known as Fernanfloo on youtube. The channel gets 32 million subscribers and 6.8 billion views. His channel is the most viewed and subscribed channel in his own country Salvador. In 2011, he started his own youtube channel.

His videos are related to games. Fernanfloo launches an app with his channel name Fernanfloo. Approximately 2.3 million peoples download this app after its release.


So, these are the top 10 world’s biggest YouTubers. if you have any queries related to these YouTubers then you can comment down below and we will reply you ASAP.