When we talk about online content security there is only one thing that comes in our mind is DMCA. Many people don’t know what is DMCA and how it works. In this post, I will all about the DMCA.

After the internet launched people have uploaded Billions of Gigabyte Content on it. which contains Music, Videos, Games, movies and many more. and here the question of why there are no Copyright issues in it.

Also which act or law protects our content. DMCA provisions to protect the creator’s original content. so other people cant upload them without copyrights.

What is DMCA

DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. it’s a US controversial law which was enacted in 1998 by president Bill Clinton. DMCA Balance between both Copyright Owners and users. Also, it solves any Copyright infringement of worldwide surface. DMCA regulate Digital media and deal with copyright challenges. DMCA not only solves copyright infringement also it gives penalties to offenders so they can’t do anything further.

Late in 1990 when people use peer to peer file sharing and new digital technologies to prevent Widespread illegal access to any copyrighted material. To deal with these problems the formal process of copyrighted Holder rights act started in which Copyright holder has full rights to remove or give access to any third parties. DMCA is the legal Collaboration of Legislators, Media companies, consumer advocates which protect the creator’s online content.

What are the uses of DMCA?

DMCA can be used for various uses and below are the Important uses of DMCA which a Copyright holder can do.

1. If someone is stealing your content and you are the real copyright holder of the content then you can Submit the Takedown file.
2. You can monitor your website pages with the help of the DMCA.com Secure portal.
3. You can generate or create a DMCA.com Protection Status Certificate, so others cant reuse your content without permission.
4. If you purchased pro plan of DMCA then you can fastly and easily takedown your content. you can also scan content for copies.

DMCA website has a simple interface so anyone can easily use it. To use DMCA you have to create an account for it. After account creation, you can generate your DMCA Badge and add it to your website.

In the free trial version, you will only get 1 Takedown Service but if you purchase its pro Paid plan then you can Unlimited takedown. if you are a beginner then you can go with a free plan first.

You can Show DMCA Protection Badge on your website. to show or warn others that this website is fully protected by the DMCA website. In WordPress, there are many plugins available from there you can show DMCA badge on the Website.

There are two types of DMCA protection badge available one is temporary and one is permanent with Domain verification. you have to verify your website or domain that you are the owner of the website you want to create a badge.

There is three status shown to every DMCA Protection badge which is Verified, UnVerified and Unauthorized. These indicate the type of DMCA badge for the website.

Steps to Add DMCA Protection Badge

To add the DMCA Protection Badge to your website you just have to visit the DMCA.com website. where you will see two options Free plan and Pro Plan(Paid). if you choose a Paid plan then you will get more features and security as compared to a free plan.

After choosing the pack you have to sign Up for the DMCA website. you have to enter your Name, Company name, Surname, and Email address. After filling out these options just click on the Submit button.

Now you have to verify your Email address and for that DMCA website sends you mail to verify. Now after your account creation Choose your DMCA Badge and copy its code. Now you can paste this code on your website footer. if you are a WordPress user then you can use any plugin for that.

For blogger.com there is no plugin available. you have to manually add the DMCA protection code or in the new update of DMCA, they will automatically add code in your blogger website just by  Giving them Blogger access.

DMCA Protection Badge takes some time to Approve. after the approval, all your posts and content are safe. if you have selected the free plan of DMCA then sometimes it shoes DMCA protection Pending for 30 Days.

You can send DMCA Notice to the user who is using your content. for that, you have to Create takedown action where you will describe your DMCA with content URLs. you have to add your signature and contact information. so the user can contact you for more details.

DMCA laws and acts also applied for YOutube. You cant copy and use any content without given them credits or without any copyrights. if you use any copyright videos without permissions then your video will be taken down worldwide and no one can access it.

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All the Copyright holders have rights to Takedown DMCA Anytime they want. whenever Copyright holder sens DMCA Takedown the site owner or Hosting provider checks for it. In some cases, if your website Got any DMCA Takedown your Web hosting will be suspended or terminated.

if you ever receive any DMCA Takedown notice than first read the Notice carefully and if you have copied the content, you have to remove in. If you ignore the DMCA Takedown notice then the DMCA website has the power to suspend your website or remove the copied content.


So, if you are facing any DMCA problem then you can share it with us. and we will surely help you out. if someone has stolen your content then you can send Takedown Notice through DMCA.

Always work hard and create your own content. never copy any article or Vidoe of others. DMCA is a very powerful website and you can’t ignore them. Are you using a DMCA protection badge for your website or not. Comment down below your feedback.