Want to use Gmail and dont know what is it? and how to use it. After reading this article you will know about Gmail and also we will tell you the difference between Gmail and Email.

Gmail is a very important and fast way to share files and documents with one another. if you are a businessman then you should surely use it for your business. let’s get into the article and I will explain to you why you have to use it.

What is Gmail?

Gmail is a service that provides Email service and created by Google. You can send and receive emails with the help of Gmail. Every businessman is using Gmail for their business because you can send your product mails to clients by just saving their Mail address.

Gmail is Google’s official product and you can use it for free. Gmail provides us 15 GB Data storage for free and if you want more storage to store your emails and data then you have to buy the storage from Google.

You can choose any mail address you want the structure of Gmail address is like


Many Business companies use paid mail address where you will get mail address like


If you want to buy a Paid mail address then you have to pay for mail address too as per monthly use and for storage too. if you are just a beginner in your business then we suggest you use G-mail for starting because it’s free to use.

How to use Gmail?

If you have just created the G-mail new account then you dont know about how to use it. dont worry about it we will help you with it.

After creating the G-mail account you can log in to your account on https://www.google.com/gmail/ and after login, you will get 2-3 welcoming mails from Google for creating a new account.

If you want to send mail to someone just click on the Compose button and type the mail address where you want to send mail and after that write the Mail subject and body. You can also add any file or docs you want and then click send to send your mail.

On the right corner, you will see all the options like send, received, spam and other folders. down below you will see your free storage given by G-mail that is 15GB.

What is the difference between Gmail and Email?

If you are still confused between G-mail and Email and want to know what is the primary difference between Gmail and Email.

The Primary and biggest difference between G-mail and Email is that G-mail is an Email service that is provided by Google and Email is a method of Exchanging digital Messages over the internet.

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There are many other Email service providers available on the internet like Yahoo mail, Hotmail, Webmail.

Benefits of using Gmail

There are many benefits of using G-mail for your email service. the first benefit of G-mail is that its google product that means you will get 100% safety and G-mail use spam and virus detector for Gmail. if they detect any spam in your received mails then they will put in the Spam folder.

With the help of G-mail, you can share all your files and data safely with others. you can also save your data in G-mail as in Draft so no one can access it.


I hope all of your queries are solved after reading this article and if you still have any questions related to G-mail then comment down below and we will help you.