Have you ever Think about What is Network and how it works. if Yes then in this article i will share full info about Network and its related all Queries.

What is Network?

The network is known as the way to connect one computer with another computer. The purpose of creating a network between computers is to share the information from one computer to another one. A network is a group of many computers that are connected with one another through different network devices.

The transferring media may be wireless or wired. The connected computers can share important information with the help of the Network.

Types Of Network:

There are mainly three types of computer networks, these are classified as follows:

1. LAN (Local Area Network)

2. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)

3. WAN ( Wide Area Network)

So, Let’s start to discuss these networks one by one.

1. LAN  (Local Area Network):

LAN covers a small area as compared to other types of Networks. Like the network used in home, office and a small building. The main network devices that are used in the Local Area Network are Hub and Switch. Not only the information but through the network, the computers can also use the hardware devices such as a printer. The size of the Local Area Network is small, which is only used in a local area.

The speed of Local Area Network is 4 to 6 megabits per second (Mbps). Through this network, users can easily communicate with each other. It connects two or more personal computers. In a Local Area Network, the user can only connect limited computers. It provides higher security.

2. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network):

A metropolitan area network is a network that covers a larger area as compared to LAN. For example, the network used in a whole city is a type of metropolitan area network. In a metropolitan area network, various LANs are connected to each other.

Many Government Agencies also used metropolitan area networks. The size of the network is larger than the local area network.

Examples of Metropolitan Area Network:

This type of network can be used in banks within the same city.

The network used in Colleges for communicating with different departments.

The network used in the Military.

3. WAN (Wide Ares Network):

As the name suggests, this is the network that has a wide area of the network. The network used between one country with another country is called a wide area network. It is the bigger network among all the other networks. It is not limited to a local area but is spread all over the country.

For example, a company has its head office in one country and its branches are spread in another country. The network used to connect such types of computers is the Wide Area Network. The cost of a wide area network is very high. Its maintenance expenses are huge as it demands many network devices.

We can say that a wide area network is used in An International Business or Global Business. There are more security issues in wide area network as compared to LAN and MAN because the network is spread all over the country, it becomes difficult to control such a wide area.

Advantages of A Network:

1. Saves Money:

It helps in reduction of cost of sharing the data, multiple computers can a single printer instead of purchasing multiple printers, which needs a huge amount.

2. Easy Way:

The important files and data can be easily transferred with the help of a network. And it takes less time and less paperwork.

3. Security:

The third person can’t see the information that is transferred to a network. The security is good.

4. Backup:

Once the data is stored, it can be easily backup when the user needs it.

Disadvantages of A network:

1. Expensive:

It becomes expensive to purchase network devices and network cables for creating a network.

2. Complicated Network:

Managing the network such as a wide area network is very complicated and difficult. Only the experts can do that.

3. Virus:

When the virus is entered into one system, it can easily destroy all the information into all the systems. For securing the system, anti-virus software is installed on the computer.

4. Hacking:

In a wide area network, there are more chances of hacking, for this, it is necessary to take preventive steps so that no one can hack the important data from the computer.

Network Devices:

The devices that are used to connect the computers are called network devices. The main function of these devices is to make a network between the computers that is why these are called network devices.

The network devices as explained as under:

1. Hub:


Hub is a type of network device used to connect multiple network hosts and to transfer data between the computers. The data is transferred in packets. One computer is the sender who sends the information and the other computer is the receiver who receives the information. There is no security in using the hub for sharing information and it is a slow device.

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2. Switch:

The switch is more reliable than a Hub. And has security while transferring the information. That is why it is more used than a hub. Switch also sends the data in packets, but it only transfers the reliable data. Multiple computers can connect at the same time through a switch.

3. Modem:

The full form of Modem is Modulator Demodulator. It is the network device used in daily life. The main function of the Modem is to convert the digital signals into analog signals.

4. Router:

Router derives from the word route which means way. The router is used providing way from one to another computer. The function of a router is just like the traffic police who direct the person when and where to go. It tells the transferring data about different directions.

5. Bridge:

A bridge connects two different sub-networks like the network between two different floors and buildings. It makes a bridge for the data to travel from one computer to another one.

6. Repeater:

The router is a network device that receives the signals and retransmits these signals into a higher level so that the signal can cover long distances. It enables the data to travel over a long distance.


I hope this article helps you to clear all your doubts. We shared the information about Network and its types. Also, we have shared about the Advantages and Disadvantages of networks. Comment down your queries related to the network and we will surely help you.