Everybody uses an Internet browser to access the internet. you can search for your quries on the internet with the help of the Internet browser. you can use a web browser in Smartphones, laptops, a computer anywhere you want. A web browser is a software application.

the meaning of a web browser is defined as web means Internet and browser meaning finding. and the full meaning is to find something from the online internet world. you can get all the knowledge from anywhere in the world from the internet.

Now you know about what is web browser but you dont know that how it works? when we search something in a web browser how it appears results in Seconds. These question answers are given in this article.

Web browser Definition

A web browser is a software application for accessing the information on the World Wide Web. When a user requests a particular website, the web browser retrieves the necessary content from a web server and then displays the resulting web page on the user’s device.

Internet and web browser both are attached. Without the internet, we cant use a web browser and without a web browser, you cant access the internet. the web browser sends us to World wide web world and all the content in this world is called HTML. web browser translates computer language so internet users can read content easily.

History of web browser

Browers are available to use when the internet was launched. the first name of the browser is Worldwideweb which is Created by Tim Berners Lee in 1990. After that many browsers are launched in which bookmarking, History, Audio, video support features are available.

Nowadays Browser competitions are on peek. In 1990 internet explorer is the most popular web browser and its opponent was the Netscape web browser at that time.

With a new decent, new browsers are launched like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, opera mini, Uc Browser, and many more which is used by many peoples. These browsers have little difference but all work for Surfing the internet. you can run this browser on Mobile phones and Computers.

Web Browser List

You will get many browsers on the internet which are used for computers, laptops, tablet, and mobile. the list of popular and most used browsers are given below.

1. Google Chrome (Tablet, Mobile, Computer)
2. Internet Explorer (Tablet, Mobile, Computer)
3. Microsoft Edge (Tablet, Mobile, Computer)
4. Safari (Tablet, Mobile, Computer)
5. Mozilla Firefox (Tablet, Mobile, Computer)
6. UC Browser (Tablet, Mobile, Computer)
7. Opera Mini (Tablet, Mobile, Computer)
8. Konqueror (Linux)
9. Lynx (Linux)

How Does Web browser work?

World wide web internet servers is a service which supports formatted documents. you can access the world wide web with the help of a web browser. you can see web pages with a web browser which are called web protocols. Protocol word stands for Rules. web browser understands the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol).

Http web servers tell that how to format and transmit web pages content. With the help of the HTTP web, client and web server both attach. when user type address in the address bar then browser request HTTP command to the webserver. after that browser attach it to a web server and shows the information to the user.

The web servers on the internet which store web sites and web pages all support Http Protocol. so the browser can attach to the webserver to show the data related to their queries.

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Difference Between Web Browser and Web Server

Sr. No. Key Web Browser Web Server
1 Purpose Web Browser is a software which is used to browse and display pages available over internet. Web server is a software that provides these documents when requested by web browsers.
2 Process A web browser sends a request to a server for web-based documents and services. Web server sees and approves those requests made by web browsers and sends the document in response.
3 Process The web browser sends an HTTP Request and gets an HTTP Response. The web server receives the HTTP Requests and sends an HTTP Response.
4 Processing Model The web browser has no processing model. Web server follows three major processing models: process-based, thread-based or hybrid.
5 Data Storage Web browsers stores user data in cookies in local machine. Web services provide an area to store the website.
6 Installation Web Browser is installed on the user’s machine. The web server can be installed anywhere but it needs to be on a network or on local computer.
7 Example Google Chrome Apache Server

Source – Difference between Web Browser and Web Server


So, this is what we want to share with you all guys. I hope this article helps you to understand the basics of Web browser and how it really works. we also have Discussed the difference between web browsers and web servers.

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