If you are searching for how to activate windows 10, you have come to the right place. Let me tell you somethings about Microsoft as well as Windows 10. Windows 10 is the most popular operating system, with more than 800 million users all around the globe. As you already know that Windows 10 is just an OS. Microsoft is the leading tech giant company that created Windows 10 for Mainstream users. Windows 10 was released on 29th July 2015. 5 Years are gone; still, Windows 10’s popularity is gaining day by day; there’s no stopping in that.

There’s something you need to know before installing this OS on your Personal Computer. You need a digital key, also known as Windows 10 product key, to enjoy all the features of Windows 10 in your Pc. This windows 10 key is 25 characters long consists of Letters as well as digits.
It would be best if you bought these keys to unlock the Windows 10 from stopping its features, but not everyone can afford to purchase these windows 10 pro key. The cost of these keys is very high, and why spend money when you can activate Windows 10 for free. This article will surely help you to find genuine windows 10 product keys.

Windows 10:
Windows 10 is by far the best Windows version after Windows 7. It brings the most innovative tools with all the security options to save you from unwanted malware and spyware. Now that your device is safe, you can save your private data and use it on a daily basis. Microsoft worked very hard to make this OS as stable as macOS. In reality, No OS can beat macOS’s Lightweight UI and Stableness, but if we compare Windows 10 with the previous version. We surely can approach to the conclusion that it’s the best Windows OS till now. Add extra RAM and one SSD, and then you will get speedy User Interface as similar to macOS.

Why People Choose Windows OS over Any OS?
All the modern operating systems have new features, and every company is in the race to better their software compare to another’s. All the OS looks good and has enough features that users can get the advantage of.
All the people still choose Windows over Any OS. As you already know, the users of the Windows are higher than any other OS users. There is something with the OS that people really like while working with it. Let’s find out Which are the main reason to choose Windows OS over Any OS:

Comes In Every Size:
Microsoft sells Windows operating system to every device manufacturer to load that in desktops, laptops as well as tablets. As per your requirement, you can get a Device running with Windows 10 in almost any Size, Shape and Configuration.

Longevity and Availability:
The main reason behind this feature is that Windows OS uses worldwide, although Windows users don’t get new software and applications that come to the demand but in the long run, they would going to get that.
This characteristic is the main reason people choose Windows 10 over any OS.

Compatible With Everything:
Microsoft always claims that windows are compatible with most of the hardware as well as software, that are in the market right now. Users want to be updated, and Windows OS helps them to be that way; this is also a reason to choose Windows 10. Windows PC’s ecosystem is getting better with updates after updates. Although we can’t compare Windows’s ecosystem with macOS’s ecosystem, It’s still in the early stage.

New Updates Every Time:
Microsoft promised users to get them twice a year updates, so they don’t miss out on the new features and don’t feel left behind. Every Windows comes with new features and security as well as privacy improvements. You can also sign up as a Windows Insider user and get updates every week, that’s like Android BETA user. These people can access to fixes, tweaks as well as significant new features with every new update.

Windows Defender:
Now, with Windows 10, users don’t have to rely on third-parties antivirus programs. Microsoft introduced Windows Defender with Windows 10, and Now you don’t have to get into to search the best and affordable Antivirus for your PC. Windows Defender gives users protection against viruses, malware, and spyware across all your activities and services. Windows Defender is the only Antivirus you need if you are using Windows 10.

Now, Let’s get to the point where I will tell you the easiest method on how to find windows 10 product key and activate windows 10. Before that, you need to understand where you will have to enter a windows 10 product key.

How to upgrade your OS to Windows 10?
Check your current OS is licensed or not, whether you have installed windows 7, 8, or even 8.1. If the current version of windows is licensed, then you can upgrade your OS to Windows 10 for free. If you are using the old version of windows and want to upgrade your windows to the latest version, follow below steps:

1. Open a Web browser and search for the official website of Microsoft and open it.
2. Search for Windows 10 upgrade, Then search for your desired version of your windows from the list given to you.
3. Choose the favored version and click on the Upgrade option on that webpage.
4. The process will start, and Windows will be downloaded in the background and installed automatically in your system.

Just make sure that the current version of windows is licensed and activated. If that’s not it, you can always Download Windows ISO file and use the below methods to activate windows 10.

When Do You Need Windows 10 Product Key?
• When you install a new copy of Windows 10 on your system, Sometimes at the time of the installation system asks you to enter a digital product key.
• When you already installed Windows 10 on a new computer, then after some time system asks you to activate Windows 10 with Windows 10 Key.
• If you just want to test things and check how Windows 10, you can activate windows temporarily with generic Windows 10 that you can find from the list below, remember that you also have to enter a newly purchased Windows 10 key after 30 days expiry period.

There are mainly three methods with you can activate windows:
1. Activate Windows 10 With Product Keys
2. Activate Windows 10 with CMD
3. Activate Windows 10 with Software
Let me tell you the steps of activating windows with A generic product key. These free keys are listed below with the Operating System edition, Suit yourself and choose the equivalent key for your Personal Computer:

Windows 10 Enterprise:
• DXG7C-N36C4-C4HTG-X4T3X-2YV77

Windows 10 Home Edition:
• TX9XD-98N7V-6WMQ6-BX7FG-H8Q99

Windows 10 Single Language Key:

Windows 10 Pro Serial Key:
• MH37W-N47XK-V7XM9-C7227-GCQG9

Windows 10 Education:

Other Windows 10 Product Keys:
• MH37W-N47XK-V7XM9-C7227-GCQG9
Now you have got genuine Windows 10 product key, all you have to do is activate windows using any of the Product keys, here is the step by step guide that will be going to help you to activate windows 10.

Method 1:-

How to activate Windows 10 with Product Keys:
1. Go to Setting of your computer or Press on Windows key + I
2. Now choose Update & Security
3. Choose Activation from the left side menu
4. If you want to purchase key, you have to click on the go to the windows store button, and then you can buy an appropriate key from the Windows store. If you are going with the listed keys, just copy KEY based on your Windows Edition
5. Click on Change Product Key
6. Enter Copied “Valid” Product Key
7. Voila, Your Windows Is Finally Activated

How to Change activation key to a new windows 10 activation key:
The product key of Windows 10 can be changed anytime; all you need is valid and genuine windows 10 product key. The procedure of this Activation is below:
1. Open RUN, then Type ‘slui’ and hit enter.
2. A dialog will appear to change windows 10 activation key.
3. Enter your new Windows 10 activation key and click on OK.
4. Your windows will be activated once your product key gets checked with Microsoft’s server.

Method 2:-

Activate Windows 10 with CMD:

1. Activate through Code:
• Hit start and Search for Notepad, Click on it and open Notepad
• Paste the code in your notepad window. (Click Here To Get Code)
• Now save the file with the extension of .bat, you can name the file whatever you want. (Ex: Activator.bat)
• Now, Right-click on Activator.bat and choose the option ‘Run as administrator.’
• Command Prompt will open directly, and the process will start. Don’t worry; your system is excellent.
• Whenever you get the option to choose Yes Or No, Press ‘Y’ and hit enter.
• After this process, the system would reboot.
• Now, you can check the status of your Windows, and Windows status would be ‘Activated.’

2. Activate Windows 10 with KMS client key:
• The first step is to select the appropriate windows genuine key from the above list.
• Right-click on the start menu, Open Command Prompt(CMD) as Administrator.
• Type command ‘slmgr /ipk your license key‘ and hit enter to install this activation key to activate windows.
• Type command ‘slmgr /skms kms8.msguides.com‘ and press enter, this will help the system to connect to the KMS server.
• Now, it’s time to activate windows, Type ‘slmgr /ato‘, and hit enter to see the magic of activating windows.
• Restart the system and check the activation status.

Method 3:-

Activate Windows 10 with Software:
Buying lots of windows product keys is very costly and lengthy work. That’s why many companies choose software like KMSPico to activate the windows of their systems. Many users of Windows don’t know about this automatic key generator software. KMSPico is third-party software that generates new product keys to activate windows. It’s absolutely free to download as well as install on your system.

Internet is an open network where you can come across with different software from different websites, Remember that not all software is safe to install on your system because some software is designed to harm your system and steal your data from the hard disk as well as they can use your personal data for cryptocurrency. KMSPico is 100% safe to install, and it is also 100% legal to use the software. Now let’s get to the point to activate windows 10 with KMSPico:

• Install KMSPico from this LINK. Click on this link and download the software.
• Double click the .exe file to start the installation process. It will not take much time as the software size is very small.
• After installing KMSpico, Open this software from the start menu.
• A dialog box would be open; click on the red button to start the installation process.
• After the process, that dialog box would be close. Check the status of windows, whether it’s activated or not. If Yes, then Enjoy all the features of Windows 10, and If no, then you have to restart your PC and follow these steps again.

With the latest update of Windows 10, Windows defender treats KMSpico as malware because it activates windows for free. So to solve that, you have to disable Windows Defender before clicking on the KMSpico.exe. Once all Windows is updated through KMSpico, you can activate Windows Defender as well. You can also uninstall KMSpico after the Activation of windows 10.

Problem With KMSpico:
KMSpico provides the Activation of windows, but as we already know, there is nothing that is perfect. KMSpico provides Activation for a limited period. So you have to repeat these steps after every 6 months or 1 year. Still, KMSpico is a lot better than buying these Windows 10 product key. There is also one serious problem of using KMSpico on your system, as I told you that you have to deactivate Windows Defender, you can’t check whether the software is legit or not. Some Websites also use this malware to steal your personal data through this type of software.

With these methods, you surely can able to Activate Windows 10 even if you can’t, Just google Windows 10 product key, and you will get many results with updated keys. Microsoft itself generates these keys and give them to many companies to use the Windows Home and Pro Edition on their devices. Some people share the product keys online, so others also can take advantage of it.